New Year | 2 0 1 7.


My.. where did my year go? As a mother, I am so not ready for this "New" year upon me. This means that my once a upon a time baby is growing up. This means he will be ONE this year. We will be planning a "first" birthday. My goodness, I am a bawl of emotions just thinking about it.. Yet, I am so ready to venture through this year and watch my little guy grow up. I am ready to see him develop more. I can't wait until he can start talking, moving around and we can do more family stuff. 

Now, as a photographer, I am so ready to hit the ground running into 2017. I have SO much that I want to get accomplished. So many goals, to help improve but build myself/business up this year. The past month has been nothing but lightbulbs on top of my head, filled with tons of ideas. Why..? Oh, because I have found my calling. I have found where I want to be, and what I want to do in my business. I have found what I love, my passion. My heart is filled with joy, just thinking about the endless possibilities that 2017 is going to provide for me. 

What is my calling? Well, it's M O T H E R H O O D. As a mother, I cannot tell you how much every single photo, that I have of my little guy and with my little guy is cherished. Each photo tells a different story, although all from the same session. Whether it's a photo of just him, his father, him and myself, his father and him or just himself and me, each picture brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. In the years to come, am I truly going to remember each of these moments vividly if I didn't have an image to look back on? Yes I might remember his first step.. his first tooth, sport games, musical concerts, etc but am I going to remember the smaller moments? The moments that many of us as parents don't remember about our young ones even though it was a few weeks ago? 

My goal in 2017 is to be able to provide mothers with the beautiful images for them to cherish forever. Whether it be maternity photos, birth, nursing sessions, snuggle sessions or just a day in the life. I absolutely loved going into maternity, birth and newborns this past year, but towards the end of the year, I thought about those mothers who never had the chance to capture their little one's arrival, for whatever reason. They still deserve to have their precious one captured. The best thing about motherhood sessions is that there is no age limit. A birth you can capture, but you can't go and re-do a birth, when your child is five.. unless there's something I don't know about, ha! However, you can capture those moments at home baking cookies, reading books, giving a bath, snuggling up and watching a movie. So my whole goal is to bring the whole concept of motherhood together in my years to come. 

I am looking forward to what 2017 has to offer for me. I have already signed up to attend 2 workshops and the year just started. I cannot wait to see what other workshops are out there to attend and become better as well. I am so excited to start my year off right! I look forward to meeting and helping welcome new babies into this world, in 2017. I also look forward to getting to know every family, not only as a client to photographer basis but as someone you can trust, and call a friend! 

Here is to 2017!