Sweet Isabelle - Aurora Medical Center - Denver Fresh 48 Photographer


Sweet Isabelle, was born on February 10, 2017, as the newest addition to the Gorsuch family. 

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I met sweet Emily because she's one of my neighbors. As we became friends, I reached out to Emily about gifting her a fresh 48 session, for the simple fact that, she is one a m a z i n g mother and friend. She has offered to help so much with my little guy, even just a break so I can edit. She has reached out to help me, even with her two kiddos and her hands full. 

Emily was originally gifted a birth session and with the un-predictable arrival of her sweet Isabelle, her doctor didn't even make it to help her deliver. So, of course we weren't going to just turn the option down for photos! No way! We decided to turn that birth into a fresh 48 and my goodness, I don't think it could've been a better decision. 

A fresh 48 is typically done right after baby is born, to capture all of those sweet baby wrinkles, meeting siblings and other family members as well. Sometimes, it can be immediately after or sometimes hours after baby. It truly just depends on when parents are comfortable and ready! 
For sweet Isabelle, we decided we were going to wait for the kiddos to get out from school so they could meet their precious baby sister and Emily's mother could meet her precious grand-daughter. 

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My goodness, they were S O in love with Isabelle, especially little Tessa. She wanted to give Isabelle all of the cuddles, hold her and kiss her sweet face. 

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Thank you Bryce and Emily, for allowing me the opportunity to capture such a sweet freshie for you!