"Faux C-Section Birth Photographer | Denver Birth Photographer

Now, for the past few days.. I have been tagged in several of the same post regarding this Birth Photographer who apparently thinks that C-sections should NOT be captured and is not a "birth" but more of a surgery.. because I am a local Denver Birth Photographer...

Now.. I am not one to go on a rant and write a blog posts about a lot of things going on in this world. I do not know either party, nor do I know if this is a "true" story or not, although it's said to be f a l s e and the lady was texting herself... I do not really care, because regardless if it was fake or not, there are still people who believe this way. So, I want to speak up, for myself and for other professionals in the birth field, who absolutely L O V E doing this. This is more than a "job" to me. This is my P A S S I O N. I love births. I love being able to tell a story with MY art. 

I am an aspiring birth photographer I've only shot about 15 births in the past year or so. As a birth photographer this doesn't sit well with me, not even a little. Just thinking that any photographer would fix their mouth to ever say these things to a potential client, let alone anyone has made me sick to my stomach. 

I have never been able to photograph a Cesarean birth, because as we know most hospitals will NOT allow more than 1 person to go to the OR with the mother. I would never want to steal the place of an important family member being there to support mom during this time over photos. 

However, every birth photographer L O V E S belly births just as we L O V E vaginal births. A birth is beautiful regardless of how your baby makes their grand entrance into this world. No way is the "easy way out" and there is no such thing as a C-section being "just a surgery"...

Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't a birth photographer. 

I have friends and know many women who couldn't have a vaginal birth. Do you think these mothers CHOSE the "easy way out" because their baby's heart rate was dropping and an emergency C-section was the "only" option they had? Do you think these mothers that have C-sections because they cannot naturally have a vaginal birth without severe risks to mother or baby means "taking the easy way out"? NO. They are not. 

At the end of the day, our end goal is to birth a HEALTHY, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL baby. The way you deliver your baby does NOT make you ANY less of a mother. 

With saying this, P L E A S E do not every let someone rain on the joy of bringing your beautiful child into this world. There is the SAME amount of JOY and HAPPINESS in seeing that precious face for the first time. There is same amount of tears shed when parents get to hold their fresh baby.

These are the moments we all live for. <3

Each and every mother, that has every had a baby via C-section or vaginally, I want you to know that you are AMAZING. You are STRONG. You are INCREDIBLE. You are INSPIRING.
Your children love you. Your children are proud of you.

We as mothers and as women need to STOP tearing one another down and build one another up. I am rooting for all of you. <3