Birth of Charlie - Penrose St. Francis - Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

I remember November 1st coming around. It was the day Allie was going to get induced to meet her baby boy Charlie. I got a message at nearly 3 pm that the doctors decided to reschedule her induction until the next day, as it had gotten pretty late. I guess Charlie was NOT okay with that, because at 4:37 pm, I got another message that Allie's water had broke!

We had literally just picked my husband's family up and got almost home, when we made a whopping U-turn to head down to the springs. This, is why I keep my gear with us because you never know when a baby will decide it's time! As a birth photographer, you always have to be on the go and ready at a moments notice! 

Of course, hitting traffic from Denver to Colorado Springs, was bound to happen. I remember arriving at the hospital around 7 pm, to luckily find Allie still pregnant! As I walked into her hospital room, it was quiet and peaceful as she labored through some S T R O N G contractions!


Adam and their daughter Audrey walked in soon after I did with tons of fun things to do during the waiting time. There were movies and puzzles, lots of candy and snacks! Audrey was SO excited for her baby brother Charlie to arrive, she told every nurse that walked into the room! So stinkin' cute!


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As it got later in the evening, everyone started to get tired. However, right as it hit midnight, Charlie decided he would make his grand arrival into the world! After just a few pushes, Allie was holding her baby boy and boy did the room light up. He was absolutely perfect. Adam woke up their daughter Audrey and the smile on her face was absolutely priceless. She immediately ran to her mom, to hold her new brother and was SO in love with him.

Thank you Christensen family, for trusting me to capture your Colorado Springs Birth. I am so honored to have been your birth photographer.