Another Girl! - Memorial North Hospital - Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

 February 5 seemed to take forever to get here, as I was overly excited for my first birth of 2 0 1 7. Courtney and her husband Rick were going to be welcoming their second baby girl, into the world on the night of the superbowl.

I was so excited to be mentoring a newer birth photographer during Courtney's birth. My friend has been wanting to go into birth photography for a while and Courtney agreed to let her come, how fun! Teresa and I met up to get going to Memorial Hospital. We stopped and got some large slurpees and some candy to keep us pushing through the long night that awaited us.

We arrived to the hospital the same time as the Daniel family and were all escorted up to the room where Madison would be arriving. We all talked and laughed as we got to know some more about one another, while waiting for Courtney's induction to start. We just all had a feeling that Courtney's birth would go quickly!

Throughout the whole laboring process, Rick was comforting Courtney. Between stroking his hand through her hair, giving her gentle kisses and them talking about sweet memories, it was beautiful to watch the two of them, so in love conquering those strong contractions together!

When this sweet girl came out the next morning at 7:49 am, she didn't make much noise, yet she smiled and came out with her eyes wide open ready to see what the world had in store for her. My her sweet smile and wide eyes just brighten up the room.

Thank you Daniel's family, for welcoming me into your birth room and allowing me to capture such a sweet moment for you! I am so honored to have been able to capture your beautiful birth. Thank you for choosing me as your birth photographer!