Birth of Gage | Evans Army Hospital on Fort Carson | Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

Melissa labored peacefully through the night, on 26 December. James, Melissa's husband texted me and told me around 8 PM that night that Melissa had went into active labor.

I remember Melissa reaching out to me about newborn photos and not wanting a birth photographer to be on call the day/night of Christmas and I'm telling ya, Gage heard his mama's wishes and decided to stick it out for another day, before he was ready to come into this big world.

I got to the hospital to see Melissa laboring with James next to her. James rubbing his fingers through Melissa's hair and holding her hand as she squeezed his hand, through every contraction. James was helping Melissa breathe through each and every contraction. Melissa roaring like a lioness sounding so beautiful through each contraction. You could see and feel the intensity of each laboring contraction but Melissa still looking absolutely beautiful through each strong contraction and breath.

Not even hours later, Melissa began to push with James holding up her leg and telling her how amazing she was doing.. Just a few pushes and out came baby Gage, weighing at 9 lbs and 7 ounces. Gage came right up, still pulsating and getting every little bit of blood from his placenta, while latching on to his precious mother to get some liquid gold.

Thank you James and Melissa for welcoming me into your laboring room. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture such a beautiful moment, in your life and welcome to the world, baby Gage Arthur!