Cashwell's Mommy & Me | Denver Lifestyle Family Photographer

I've never been so excited to blog a perfect session. I've had such a hard week. Many of the times this week, I've felt like just giving up because people can be so rude. I've encounter some extremely rude messages and emails lately. However, then you always get B L E S S E D with perfect clients and have a perfect session and you just know that one bad apple shouldn't allow you to toss your passion down the drain. 

I remember, weeks leading up to Jennifer's mommy & me session. We chatted about locations and we were both just so excited. Jennifer is an upcoming photographer in the local Denver area too. When she reached out to me, I was extremely grateful that another photographer chose me! 

The day of our session rolled around so quickly. We had the perfect weather, the sun was just beautiful and it was that nice "golden hour" you hear us photographers always talking about. Now, although as a client & mother, we get embarrassed as our kids start to act crazy and give us a run for our money at sessions because... well photographer kid syndrome.. I saw the best moments.

Daniels - Park - Castle - Pines - Denver - Lifestyle - Family - Photographer (14 of 15).jpg

The moments where Jennifer is smelling flowers her daughter picked up, whispering jokes to her kiddos and chasing them around the park. These are the moments that we do not remember from our session. Anyone can pose a family. However, sometimes we fail to capture the connections and the joyous moments during our sessions. 

My biggest goal this year is connections. The touch, the laugh, the hugs, the kisses. All of the moments in between that aren't posed. The " N A T U R A L ". This session helped me so much feel comfortable stepping out of the posing zone. It challenged me but it was worth it. I am so in love with all of the in between moments of this lifestyle family session. 

As for Jennifer, thank you for being so sweet. You are such a beautiful woman, both inside and outside. You have such an amazing heart and I adore that about you. It was such a pleasure to be able to capture your mommy & me session. <3

Isn't this mama stunning? She chased her kiddos, in a dress and some wedges. I was having trouble in my flats. This mama is absolutely AMAZING. <3