Frequently Asked Birth Questions | Denver Birth Photographer

Why should I hire a birth photographer? My significant other/family can take the photos.

One of two biggest days of your life are most likely going to be the day you got married and the day your child is born. You most likely had a professional wedding photographer or two to cover your wedding day so that your significant other and/or family could be in said photographs. You trusted these professionals with your big day and the final product because you wanted all of those memories captured perfectly so that you can have them for years to come.

Having a birth photographer is the same. Having an experienced birth photographer there will ensure that they're capturing the "story" of your baby being born. While you're laboring and breathing through your strong contractions, your significant other and family members should be F O C U S E D on YOU! Having a birth photographer allows for your family and friends to support you, encourage you and remind you that you're doing amazing! It also allows them to be IN the photographs. Years later, you're going to look back on those photographs and see the connections and reactions that your significant other and family members had during your birth. All those small details and memories are worth cherishing.


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How far in advance should we book our birth story with you?

Due to the nature of birth, I take only 1-2 births per month. I truly believe in being able to capture each of my births and not sending my back up unless I'm sick. I want to ensure that EACH client knows that I am there for them 100%. If you choose to book with me, then I do recommend reserving your due date as early as possible. If making payments, this helps ensure that you can make minimum payments each month leading up to the 37 week mark.

Will I meet you prior to my birth?

Absolutely! We will meet once, if not more prior to your birth. When you're ready to reserve your day and time, we will meet to ensure that we go over all of the contract, the what ifs and to answer any questions you or your significant other might have. I truly believe it's 100% best to be comfortable and have a feel for one another prior to the big day! I do understand that everyone has a busy life and sometimes that might prevent us from meeting in person, but I do video chats and skype calls as well, to ensure you can put a face to the name!

Do I need to talk with my delivering Doctor/Midwife to see if birth photography is allowed?

Yes! It is absolutely, 100% your responsibility to make sure that your hospital is comfortable and will allow a birth photographer. This means making sure your hospitals policies allow for photography during both labor and delivery. You may be limited to the number of "support" people with you, depending on the location of your birth. Please, verify the "official hospital policies" with your delivery staff.
Please note, however that if any unforeseen events occur during your birth that requires treatment or urgent medical attention for yourself or your baby, I might be required to leave the delivery room. I will stay close by to capture other important photos but I will respect the hospital and hospital policies at all time.

What happens if I have a C-section?

In the case that you're having a planned Caesarean birth, please note that not all hospitals will allow a photographer into the OR. It is YOUR job to advocate for your birth photographer. While many nurses and doctors/midwives will say "Yes, of course!", that does not mean that your anesthesiologist will. Your anesthesiologist will make all of the final and B I G decisions regarding your Caesarean birth.
In the event that you undergo an emergency C-section, I will still be there waiting for you and depending on Dad, he will be allowed to use my camera [ totally optional ] so we can still have those beautiful shots.
However given the circumstances, I will always be around to capture those baby's first moments right after baby is born.

What if I go into labor at 3 am? Will you still come?

Absolutely! You are not going to know when you're going to go into labor and neither will I. Everything is so unpredictable. Once I'm on call for you, I have my phone on L O U D, just awaiting your call. It doesn't matter what time it is, if I need to get up and get to the birthing location, I will be on my way. Please do not ever hesitate to call!

How long will you be at my birth?

Births are truly unpredictable. Once you've hit A C T I V E labor, I will be there in the room with you. Occasionally I will step out to munch to keep my energy up but I will be with you for the rest of the time up until baby comes out.

When will you come to my birth?

I like to arrive when mom hits A C T I V E labor. Labor can be as short as 2-3 hours or as long as 2-3 days. As I've experienced both, the best time for me to come in and start documenting your story is once you've hit active labor. From there, it can take hours but I'll be there supporting and documenting everything.

How many images will you take?

I take images throughout your full L A B O R and D E L I V E R Y, as well as up to an hour or two past your birth time to capture all those "firsts" with your new baby.
I average a minimum of 75 images however every birth is different and every birth is unpredictable. From the connection between you and your significant other in labor to those reactions of seeing that precious baby face for the first time, there's not a "set" amount of images that I deliver every time, but you will receive a minimum of 75 with 80% being color and 20% being B&W.

How long does it take to deliver the images?

My birth story galleries take up to 3 weeks to deliver. I go through each individual image to ensure that I am delivering the B E S T work possible.

How much does this cost and why?

There's a lot of "sticker shock" when someone sees the price of a birth photographer. Trust me, I am a very frugal person and I know the costs can be intimidating. Welcoming a new baby into the world is not cheap. You have diapers, wipes, clothes, bedding, etc and that starts to add up and F A S T! Believe me, I know.
However, when I am on call for a birth, I am on call for a rough estimate of 5 weeks give or take. During this time, you could call me at any point and I will drop whatever it is I am doing to make it to your birth. [ ie: family dinner & I'll leave to come to you ].
At this time, not only am I on call but I have a sitter that is on call as well, to ensure that I have childcare lined up if I have to rush out of the house at a moments notice.
Your birth story is so unpredictable. I could spend 2 hours with you or I could spend up to 20 hours with you or more. From there, the time that it takes to edit your birth story, could take anywhere from 5-10 additional hours.
So, long story short there is A L O T that goes into being a birth photographer and everything is SO unpredictable.

Do you accept payment plans?

I do accept payment plans. After the retainer fee is paid, the client and myself can set up a payment plan together for what works best for each client's needs.
Payments depending on package size can be as low as $100 a month. All payments are due at the 37 week mark or at the time of your birth.
I will not edit any photos until full payment is made.

What if I do not want my images shared on social media?

I respect the privacy of each of my clients. While some clients are all for sharing their birth story on social media, other clients are not, which is totally fine! I respect every family's wishes and this is something that we will go over at our first meeting during consultation as well.
Every family deserves to have their birth story captured whether it's to share or not to share, because the birth story is about documenting memories for Y O U.

This is a very intimate moment, so I'm concerned about having someone else in the room.

I know the feeling of having a "stranger" in the room with you, which is why I make every effort to make sure that my birthing families are comfortable with me, as I am with them prior to their birth. I consider myself to be a birth professional, as any midwife or doula. I know about births more than just taking photos. I will tend to mom and dad to help support as much as possible, even if that means putting my camera down at times. If you need some ice water/chips or if you're needing extra blankets, etc.

I am worried you'll photograph too many "graphic" details.

This is a big worry and I again, respect my client's wishes and privacy. The whole goal is to document your story. I will never come in and start snapping un-necessary shots. I try [ granted every birth is different ] to shoot at flattering angles. Of course, I want to capture baby coming out and those first emotions but I also want to make sure that the images are still flattering and conservative as much as possible. I will try to shoot from behind the bed or alongside your hip, to avoid getting the "doctors" point of view. However, after your images have been delivered, we will definitely be able to go over what is "okay" for sharing and what you're comfortable level is.
However, please trust that your photographer, myself is very capable and capturing your birth as best as possible. It's so simple to delete a photo that you're really not in love with.

Why would I want photographs if I don't feel beautiful during labor?

I totally have been there, done that! With my little guy, I felt huge. I was swollen, in my face, my feet and everywhere else, BUT this is the reason to have a photographer who understands these concerns. I I want you to l o v e your photos and embrace your beauty. Yes, I know during labor, we can be in tremendous amounts of pain and this can cause us to make "faces" as we breathe through those strong contractions. I will always try my best to take shots at the B E S T angles possible to flatter you, as a mother. I want you to look as beautiful as you are, while laboring. Also remember, that your photos will focus on your baby as well. Capturing those sweet first moments with your newest addition. It will also highlight your support and your other family members. As a pregnant mama, you are absolutely stunning! I promise you, you will get your photographs and you'll see that beautiful pregnancy glow and a strong mama laboring beautifully.

What if I want to add on a maternity or newborn session?

You can absolutely add on a maternity and/or a newborn session to your birth package. I have several of packages that include both and one or the other.
My maternity sessions allow you to not worry about what to wear and include all of my custom made gowns by Leah Maria Couture.
All of my Newborn sessions are in the comfort of your own home with minimal posing.

What happens if you can't make it to the birth?

Births are truly unpredictable. There are many things that can factor into missing a birth, such as not beating the rush hour traffic and coming in 2 minutes after you've pushed. Not having ample notice to get to the hospital, etc. 
I ask that as soon as you get admitted into the hospital that you call me. I do not mind if it's 12 am or 4 pm in the afternoon. This allows me to know that you're admitted and it's time to get my gear and start making appropriate calls for childcare, if need be.
It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you call me and keep me posted throughout your labor. If you cannot keep me updated, a significant other or a family members needs to. It can take up to an hour-hour an half to situate things at home and travel [ Denver area ] and an hour and a half to two hours [ Colorado Springs/Fort Carson area ]. If you do not call me to let me know you are in labor early on and I miss the actual birth, I will still come to the hospital to do a fresh 48 session. You can find out more about a fresh 48 here!!!
The monies paid towards your birth will be non-refundable in this case.
If for some reason, I am not available due to another mom being in labor or being sick, my back up photographer will attend your birth on my behalf. I make sure that my back up photographer truly represents myself AND my work. My back up photographer will capture/shoot until I can make it or all the way through your birth, depending on the circumstance but I will still personally edit the entire gallery and delivery the gallery based off of my style.

What if I change my mind at the last minute, can I get a refund?

Life happens, sometimes we can get nervous or feel afraid, which is absolutely fine. However, all fee's paid up until this point, are non-refundable and can be used towards a fresh 48 or a lifestyle newborn session. There will be absolutely no refunds, as the date was held for you.

What areas do you serve?

I serve all of Colorado Area. I have shot several of births in the Denver-Metro, Colorado Springs and Fort Carson area. For births outside of a 50 mile radius, there will be a travel fee: $0.56/per mile.