Expecting Logan - Denver, Colorado Maternity Photographer

This mama to be is very close to my heart. <3


Sweet Cassidy and I have been friends for about 8/9 years now. We attended the same school in Germany and just so happened that we both ended up marrying two military men that are both stationed in Colorado! I found out Cassidy was here in 2 0 1 5 when I went to a homecoming [ military reunion ] for another spouse. We reconnected and since then, I have welcomed my little man into the world and NOW, she is welcoming her little man here in just a few short days, hopefully!!

When I found out that Cassidy and Jameson were expecting, my heart filled with joy. I just knew that they would be absolutely amazing parents. I knew them both in HS and if you knew them, you'd know, nobody ever expected that they would end up being married and welcoming a new one into the world. However, since they've both been together, they bring out the B E S T in one another.

Cassidy reached out to me about capturing her sweet boy Logan's arrival and there was N O doubt in my mind! We started planning for a maternity session and a fresh 48 session. Cassidy has ventured through most of her pregnancy, without her husband with her. Unfortunately duty calls. She has been S T R O N G and she had that stunning pregnancy glow. We decided that a maternity session would be a P E R F E C T surprise for Jameson, so guess what? He doesn't even know that we did these, but when he see them, I can already see that big smile he will have looking at his BEAUTIFUL wife and mother of his son!

Stay tuned in because I'll be capturing this sweet boy's first moments and will be sharing those here in a few weeks!!! <3