Gutierrez Fun Family Session | Denver Family Photographer

It is always amazing when you have a beautiful family come out and play with you. Unfortunately for us, it had been sunny A L L day and if you know Colorado weather, you know it's bipolar. By the time the Gutierrez family and I got together, it had got extremely windy and cold. It was drizzling a little bit too. 

Instead of worrying about the rain and how cold it was, I let them know to cuddle up together to keep warm and to just embrace the moments of l o v e and connection with one another and they did! I have never seen such a cuddly family! They all snuggled in the arms of dad and embraced the moment together with one another. There were laughs, jokes and some silly faces, but they were all just amazing throughout the cold! 

Now, I was worried about our final product, because I didn't want them to look cold or be too cold and we could always reschedule if it came down to it, but seriously, look at them. They were absolutely stunning and you cannot even tell they were cold! They were seriously just amazing from the outfit choices to being just an amazing sport for me! <3

Thank you Gutierrez Family, for the fun we had! I enjoyed our family session together, so much!