Holden's Sweet Nursing Session | Denver, Colorado Motherhood Photographer

Capturing this sweet boy again was such a bittersweet moment. I have been able to document his mother & father while he was in the womb, got to meet him when he was first born, spend several of months watching him grow. 

Holden here hasn't had an easy life, but every obstacle that was thrown his way, he over-came like a champ. watching him grow, develop and thrive is so heart warming to me. I love my babes. 

As August approached, of course I had to document their milestone with nursing. Hailey has been able to keep Holden alive and thriving solely on her milk, for 8 months now, which is absolutely incredible! 

Here's a little bit of Hailey's story: 

Holden is my first child. He's 8 months, old.
With Holden, I didn't have a special bond right after he was born. I kept him alive and cared for him, but there wasn't anything "special" to me those first months. At about three months, something inside of me clicked. At that moment, I realized that this little guy will always be my best friend. I think feeling that special bond with your baby doesn't happen as often as us parents like to think it does. It's just not a topic that our society wants to hear or talk about. 

To say this journey has been easy, is an understatement. Holden had a terrible latch when he was first born. It caused us to have some issues, that we eventually were able to overcome. Holden also has Sandifer's Syndrome, which is a form of GERD. We had to fight out a way to feed Holden, without my milk trigger his reflux. We were told to thicken his feedings or to solely pump, but we were able to work through it all without having to take those measures, which I'm forever grateful for. Alongside all of this, the stress of being a new parent, having my supply drop and all the health issues, have been my biggest struggles, but we've overcome them.
Breastfeeding to me, is the most natural process on this planet. I wanted my child to have the most nourishing food possible. I mean, I think I'm doing pretty awesome, since I've been able to keep my little guy alive for 8 months solely with breastmilk. My goal is to continue nursing my little Holden, until he's at least three years old and if he wants to nurse pass that, we will continue. 
My grandmother breastfed 9 kids, which I think is pretty darn impressive. My mother on the other hand quite a bit of trouble breastfeeding me. For whatever reason, I wanted nothing to do with breastmilk. Now that I'm aware of all the issues a nursing mother can face, I suspect there was another reason behind it. However my younger brother was breastfed until 18 months. With that being said, my family has been very supportive with me breastfeeding. 

My favorite parts of nursing is the bond that it has created as well as the biological beneficial aspects of it. However, Holden is such a breastfed baby that he rips at my shirts, pulls them down or up anytime I'm around him, haha!

My biggest piece of advice to those new moms breastfeeding, Just work through it. Keep positive, and work through it. It can be tough at first, but you can do it! 

Thank you Hailey, for sharing your story and allowing me to document such a huge milestone for you & your sweet babe. <3