Baby Jameson's Story In My Eyes | Denver, Colorado Birth & Fresh 48 Photographer

Karissa. . .

Karissa, has been a friend of mine for over a year now. Karissa was a sweet mother of Amelia and Joshua, when I met her. A few months later, Karissa announced she was pregnant. I was so ecstatic when she talked to me about documenting her birth.

Karissa’s due date, which was October 13th was approaching quickly. . However on October 2nd, I received my first text from Karissa about her birth.

”Feeling contractions!!!! Steady and intense, but can still properly function through them. I’m laying down to see if they will go away or stay strong, will keep you updated”

I was so excited, I remember posting about my first mom of October starting to slowly be in labor. I remained calm and let Karissa know to update me when she could and so I could be prepared for whatever may come within the next few days.

Within the hour, Karissa had texted me again:

”Called the midwife, they want me to head in! Getting packed up and will head out”

I started to prepare my bags myself, and make sure that I was prepared, especially with snacks because lets be honest, who doesn’t love snacks to keep the up late at night?

Later that evening, Karissa called me and let me know that her cervix was high and she was at 2 cm. .

Through the night, I remember waking up multiple times, to check my phone because I hadn’t heard it go off. At 5:51 am on October 3rd, I texted Karissa and asked for an update and to check to see how things were going with Jameson.

Karissa let me know that she had made no progress. She was still sitting at 2 cm with a high cervix. Around 8 am on the 3rd, she got a second dose of cytotec to try to get her cervix to do some magic!

At approximately 9:40-ish, I received a call that the contractions had picked up and I just knew that it meant it was time for baby. I hurried down I-25 and E470 to get to Littleton Adventist Hospital, where Karissa was going to be giving birth.

For hours, Emily [Her sweet doula] and myself, were patiently waiting with Karissa as she was being a goddess through some intense contractions. When the midwife finally came in to check Karissa, she was still sitting at a 2 cm, with a high cervix. There was little to no progress. In Karissa’s face, you could see she was really ready to go home. She asked her midwife and they agreed if her labs were looking good, she would be released.

Karissa ended up staying in the hospital for another day before ultimately deciding she would like to go home and rest. On October 4th, at 8:32 am, the midwives decided that they would start Pitocin. After a whole day of waiting around, hoping to hear from either Emily, the sweet doula or Karissa herself, I was worried. I didn’t hear back, I wasn’t sure what was going on, if anything had happened. Finally, at 7:52 pm, I heard back from Karissa, that her contractions were slow & steady. It seemed as if the contractions had slowed down and were no longer intense contractions anymore.

Later that evening, Karissa told me that they would be allowing her to go home. This, was extremely frustrating for Karissa, and as she got to the car, she cried on her husband’s shoulders.

Friday rolled around, October 5th. At 9:25 pm, Karissa let me know that she was again, being induced. She was sitting at 4 ML of pitocin, although the max is 20. She started to worry about having a possible C-section, as there was no progress being made. Karissa’s blood pressure had slowly started to gradually get worse, since being re-admitted into the hospital.

On Saturday at 11:13 am, Karissa had texted me again, to let me know that she was having a C-section. There was no movement, through the uterus, there was no progress, there was nothing and she was feeling so bummed.

It had been 4 days of nothing.

Karissa ended up having a C-section on the 6th of October, delivering the healthiest and cutest little guy, Jameson. Jameson has a whole head of hair and looks just like his father, Brian.

Amelia and Joshua, were SOOO extremely obsessed with their baby brother and love him oh so very much. Joshua, kept rubbing Jameson’s face and saying how cute baby is. Amelia, was so obsessed with giving her newest little brother kisses and wanting to hold him.

Jameson also got to meet his grandmother and his great grand mother, within his first few days of life. They were absolutely swooning over this sweet little guy!

Karissa, being a goddess and the most beautiful mother, is wearing post-pregnancy well and just glowing. She too, is obsessed with their newest addition to the Stuart family.

I’ve honestly documented quite a few fresh 48’s, and a ton of births and I’ve never had a mother who has every stalled in labor for 4 days. Karissa’s doctor doing her C-section even admitted to it being a very rare case.

However, there is no where else I would’ve rather been, this past week then spending time off and on with this family.

I’m so grateful for being able to document this sweet little guy, in his first days of being earthside. <3