Kennelly's Beautiful Colorado Springs Home Birth.

It was around 4:40 am on Jan 18th, when I got my first text from Alli, letting me know that she was officially in labor. I remember asking her, how everything was going and for an update. Alli, let me know that her contractions had stop and her midwife had let her know to give everyone a call/text when she could no longer talk through her contractions. 

I spent the day with my family and was just waiting on my call or text from Alli with an update about her contractions. 

About 12 hours later, I received yet another text from Alli letting me know that her contractions were about 1 minute apart. Alli having a home birth in her home in Colorado Springs and myself being in Denver, I immediately loaded up the car and started heading out to Alli's home, where she would be delivering her s u r p r i s e baby and I would be there to capture every exciting moment. 

I arrived to Alli's house around 6:30 pm to my surprise, Alli was laboring quite well for someone who had been in labor for over 14 hours at this point! She was making her way from standing in the kitchen, to the birth pool in her room, to a relaxing spot on her bed. The baby didn't like when Alli got too comfortable in one spot, so about every 5-7 minutes, Alli moved into a different birthing position. 

Coloradosprings - Home - Birth - Photographer
Coloradosprings - home - birth - photographer

Alli had an amazing baby boy come into the world around 10 pm. Neither mom or dad knew what they were having, so it was a beautiful surprise. I remember mom asking dad "Does he have balls?" Haha, I think everyone in the room at that point chuckled, because well labor was over and a HEALTHY baby boy was born into the hands of two wonderful parents. 

Thank you Kennelly Family, for choosing to allow me to document your beautiful Colorado Springs, Home Birth. I am so honored to have been able to be your Colorado Birth Photographer. I wish you the best in your journey through parent-hood.