Luallen's Go From Three to Four | Denver, Colorado Family Photographer

Marisa and I met, when she joined a few facebook groups, because she was moving here. As a military spouse, that's typically how you make your friends, because you're wanting information on the base you're moving into & you find a few spouses, that are like "Hey, let me help!" That was our case and since then, we've had some girl's nights together! 

Marisa, had booked a family session with me and we were so excited to document her sweet family, but a few weeks later, she came with me with the news that she was expecting and instead wanted to do a baby announcement. I was so excited, not only because I love fresh babes + beautiful bumps, but because I was documenting her sweet memories for her to cherish for years to come! <3

Marisa's adorable daughter, Gianna wore the cutest "big sister" shirt and just stole my little heart, with her big beautiful eyes & cute smirks, turned into to smiles. 

I absolutely loved documenting such a precious time in the Luallen's life, and cannot wait to watch Marisa become an amazing mother to two sweet babes and Brandon an incredible father to two, as well. I just know that Gianna is going to be the best big sister, as well. <3

Congratulations to the sweet Luallen's family on their new adventure and pregnancy! <3