Motherhood & Nursing | Aurora, Colorado Motherhood Photographer

Anita and her sweet Ella, are some of my favorite returning clients! The time between Ella's sweet first birthday session, then grandparents session to this nursing session was all of about 2 weeks. That means, I saw them approximately 3x in about a month, which made this session such a success! 

The first time Ella met me, she was totally unsure about me. I mean, this lady hiding behind this big black camera and that annoying clicking noise! However, by the nursing session with her sweet mama, she was ALL smiles! 

Anita, is such a beautiful mother. She has such a glow to her and Ella, has the sweetest blue eyes and gummy smile, with her new teeth coming in. It makes for the most precious smile! 

I truly enjoyed this session, soaking up some milk, some smiles and having the best of the time!