Mountain Midwifery Center Birth of Rowan | Denver Birth Photographer

I met Ashley, when I was doing images of her little Willow. She was such a sweet person that we talked for almost T W O hours after her session. It was like we instantly clicked as moms & it was just fate that I would be able to document her little man's arrival into this world. 

Ashley was at 40 weeks + 3 days when May 21st rolled around. She had texted me to let me know that she was having small contractions here and there but nothing major. As the day went on, she kept me updated with her progress. The next few days passed by slowly and on May 24th, Ashley was having steady contractions for over an hour about 10-15 minutes apart at 0329 AM. As the contractions started to get closer together, Ashley called Mountain Midwifery Center, which is a gorgeous birthing center located in Denver, CO to let them know about any changes. 

The day started to pass slowly, as I kept checking my phone every 10 minutes to see if there was an update. As she arrived at Mountain Midwifery, she was 3 CM and only 90% effaced at about 0753 AM. They decided they would give Ashley some cotton root drink which seemed to speed things up a little bit. Ashley wasn't actually "admitted" yet but she wasn't being sent home either, which is a good thing, because at 11:46 AM, things had started to speed up and rather quickly. I got the text that Ashley was officially 5 CM and 90% effaced, with her baby being at a (+1 position). 

I arrived at Mountain Midwifery, with your regular Denver lunch rush at 12:59 PM. 
When I arrived, Ashley and Jason were up on the bed, breathing through contractions together. These two were seriously the most adorable. Jason, holding Ashley's hand, kissing her forehead, giving her positive words of encouragement through her whole labor just melted my heart. These two bonded and the love between these two was just amazing. 

Ashley then decided to do some sumo squats and walk some stairs to get that baby moving. Between moving through the bathtub, doing some walking around/stairs and then being back in the bathtub, it wasn't long before baby had arrived. Rowan arrived, into the arms of both his Mom, Ashley and his father Jason. Both his parents, crying tears of happiness to be connected with their little man. 

Here's dad doing his version of a sumo squat to motivate mom. 

Here's dad doing his version of a sumo squat to motivate mom. 

Rowan, you are seriously loved by the B E S T parents. Your parents are so in love with you and you are seriously such a blessing to them. I hope that you know this. <3