Overview of BBH Workshop | Denver Birth Photographer

A little over a month ago, I got to attend the Birth Becomes Her workshop, right here in Denver. I attended DAY 1 only, as I thought we would be on the road by DAY 2. 

Day 1, really taught me a l o t though. I learned how to feel more confident in my pricing. I know that several of people may feel like as a birth photographer, our rates are high, but when you take everything that goes into your CODB [ cost of doing business ], it's really not. The childcare fees, the being on call, the long labors, the delivery and time spent with family after, the hours/days/weeks of culling the images, etc. . It takes a lot of time. 

Day 1, also taught me how to M A R K E T myself, as a birth photographer in Denver. How to get your name out there. Mingle and network with other birth team specialist, like doulas, nurses, midwives, etc. Make those connections, because welll.. you need them! 

I enjoyed getting to meet other local birth photographers and birth photographers that flew in for this amazing workshop. It's so funny to see how everyone's market is extremely different. 

Denver's birth community is H U G E, or at least I feel like it's huge. There is so much support here. There are so many amazing birth photographers, amazing doulas, midwives, etc. There are birthing centers that are custom made for these mothers to have a nice, relaxing birth. There is such a huge support for all natural water births. There is a big support for helping mamas with their birth plans and helping them have a successful birth! 

I know all to well, what it feels like having giving birth to my son in Denver. I had an amazing team of midwives, an amazing birth photographer and I am so glad to be able to offer my services to those families around me. <3

After we talked and got some great insight on how to continue forward with our passions of photographing birth, we got to work with some amazing models! How precious! We had a maternity model and a newborn model. It was absolutely amazing to see how 4-5 of us in the same room, capture these moments to fit our own style. How we captured these moments from different angles and then how we all edit our images differently. 

Overall, I'm excited and I am improving every day, because of this workshop. I will continue to pursue, my passion. At times, it's hard, but it's so worth it. I am going to continue to take workshops, do mentorships and continue to get better day by day. <3

Here are some amazing photos from our beautiful models!