Parenti Fun + Cake Smash | Denver, Colorado Lifestyle Family Photographer

I absolutely love working with families that value me. I mean, who doesn't like working with someone who values them? It's the B E S T feeling in the world. 

Katherine found me and sent me a message on facebook. She asked me if I had any availability in May, as her daughter was turning the big O N E! I said yes, we worked out details and never once did we go over a price! I suddenly panicked and thought, we never discussed pricing so I wasn't sure what package Katherine wanted, etc. 

Katherine then messaged me back and told me that she adored my work and they wanted the full session. She told me that the price for my work was amazing and well worth it. The thought that someone had already gone through, picked their sweet package and valued myself and loved my work was so heart-warming. 

The day came around quickly for the Parenti's family + cake smash session. Their sweet family laughed, played, ran around chasing one another and then at the end, everyone got some cake! It was so much fun to be able to just enjoy an hour of "play" time. The Parenti's family session made my heart grow fonder of these lifestyle sessions and helped shape me into the families that I capture today. <3

Thank you so much for trusting me with your family's priceless moments!