Precious New Vaughn - Denver Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

My favorite thing about in home newborn sessions is capturing in between moments. Now, granted I do adore me some cute posed newborns, however that just does not "click" with ME. 

I go into every newborn session, knowing that each family is different. This family though, they crack me up. The Horn family is one of a kind. The connection between mom and dad are just too much to handle. I loved all the in between shots with this cute family. There were so many times when I had to put my camera down, because I was literally cracking up. I adore getting to know my families in this instance. I adore getting to feel like I'm apart of them, as we tell jokes and laugh about how sometimes our sessions just aren't going to plan. Of course they won't.... You'll get baby peeing on mom or pooping on dad. Those are some of the best though and you can only look back and laugh. 

Going into this newborn session, I was comfortable. I'd say more comfortable than I am walking into other's houses. Why? I knew based off of our maternity session together that these two and now the big brother, were going to have me on my toes but there were going to be a lot of jokes to be told and a lot of blooper shots. What do you know...? There are a ton! 

Vaughn is such an adorable little guy, though. Throughout his newborn session, mom caught some poop in her hands, haha. We got peed on and on the bed. You know what though? Id be surprised at a newborn who didn't do these. Of course this chunk was HUNGRY, I mean downed some milk from the tap and then some from a bottle! However, overall, he was such a lovable little cuddler. <3

Thank you Horn family, for welcoming me into your home. I loved our lifestyle newborn session together. I cannot wait to see you all again! 

Now, for some fun bloopers of our session. These are seriously, the funniest.