So Much Fun, With Twins | Aurora, Colorado Family Photographer

It was a rainy day here in Denver, Colorado. It would drizzle, then rain, then the sun would come out and then it would repeat. I remember, calling Zoe freaking out as our session time was approaching, well because I don't shoot in rain. We got 40 minutes, of just pure cloudiness but no rain, so we ran with it! It wasn't warm out, but when you have two little that are two years old, all they see is a big open field to run & play! 

These two twins, filled with so much l o v e and happiness, loved chasing one another, going and running with mama, playing ring a round the rosey and mostly just cuddling up and giving kisses to their mama! 

It was so much fun, personalities so big & if you can't tell, one little one was very fond of the camera ;). 

Thank you Zoe, for bringing your sweet little family out for some fun.