Sweet Baby Logan | Colorado Fresh 48 Photographer

I promised you that you would be seeing this little precious chunk once he was born. 

Jameson arrived into town on the 24th to prepare for the arrival of his little one. Logan must have been eager to meet his father, because I got the "I'm being admitted" text from Cassidy on the 25th of April.  This mama's water had broken and she had not dilated at all. At 209 AM Cassidy had got the folly bulb started. The folly bulb helps with dilation. Around 815AM, Cassidy had just got the folly bulb out and was at 4 CM and starting pitocin with her cervix at 50%. 

As the hours went by, I kept checking in on Cassidy, hoping that her labor would be going smoothly. At 230 PM, there was no progress that had been made. At this point, Cassidy was just tired and ready to rest. She went ahead to rest. 

On the 27th of April around 7 AM, I got a text about an update saying "they were giving Cassidy 7 hours to make some progress or they were going to try for a C-section". Logan's heart rate began to drop and it was scaring everyone. At this point, Cassidy started just to feel "blah" and wasn't feeling this long labor. However, little did she know just hours from the last progress update, she would have a sweet baby boy in her arms. 

At 613 PM, sweet baby Logan came into the world, with the chunkiest cheeks and just the most precious little face. The room was filled with love as he made his grand appearance. 

I went to meet baby Logan, bright and early on Friday the 28th of April for his FRESH 48 session. This sweet boy just melted my heart as I walked into the room. He was the most precious little guy, as I watched my friends Cassidy and Jameson's faces just light up. The room of love just warmed my heart. 

Logan has this BEAUTIFUL beauty mark, or so we think. He has a patch of white hair in the middle of his head. It's so amazing and I've never seen anything like this before! <3

Sweet Logan didn't have his eyes open much during the first moments of his fresh 48, but boy did I get lucky as I was finishing up. He opened his little eyes at me. Those little eyes, that big yawn and those little fingers just made me want to tear up. 

It's so amazing to see the two friends that I've known since middle school, become parents. Beautiful parents at that. I just know that they're going to be amazing and I'll get to be there watching sweet Logan grow up every day. 
Unfortunately, Jameson, didn't get to stay long with his family. He will be making his big return in just a few months F O R E V E R. Until then, Cassidy will be raising sweet Logan and Jameson will be fighting for their freedom! We appreciate your service Jameson! <3

Thank you for letting me in your family. I love sweet Logan and I adore you both. Thank you Cassidy and Jameson and CONGRATULATIONS! <3