The Brown's Sweet Family Session | Denver, Colorado Family Photographer

Bianca is a military spouse that was located here in Denver, as well. Bianca asked for a photographer in our local military yard sale group. I got a few referrals and then went ahead to message Bianca. 

Bianca and I talked about the session and what she was looking for, during their family session as well as what backdrop they were looking for since they would be PCSing. 

It's such a small base that when I was talking to Bianca, she told me her husband remembered my husband from enrolling our son into the base and my husband knew exactly who Bianca's husband was! Haha, sometimes the best thing being on a small base. 

We picked a weekend time slot and we got our session on the road. When we arrived, the session was such a cute & fun time. Both of the Brown's kids being absolutely adorable and filled with so much personality. 

Thank you Brown Family for allowing me to capture your sweet family before you all left Colorado. I wish you the best in your future! Maybe we will cross paths again! <3