University Hospital Birth of Sweet Lillian | Denver, Colorado Birth Photographer

Every now and then you run into a family that you know is going to be so B L E S S E D to have you capture such an important day in their life. You put aside all the monetary value, you put away your "pride" and you help a family that you know is going to value you for the rest of their lives. 

When Lauren reached out to me, she let me know that with her first daughter they were graciously given two individuals who were also new into the birth world. These two were more than happy to help Lauren out since they needed some experience and that was amazing. So, as I talked over with Lauren one beautiful day at her home, she let me know that she was surprised to see what the cost of a birth photographer and doula were! She was so overwhelmed and even more grateful for the two individuals that helped her, with her first go around. 

Looking and listening to Lauren, I could tell right off the back that she valued having these images more than anything. Both of them did. She didn't have any "set" expectations. She told me that the images could be blurry for all she cared, as long as she had 1 or 2 good ones to cherish. To me, this was a family that I knew right off the back was going to VALUE the art that came from our birth story for years to come and were going to hold these images and cherish these forever. 

Lauren's husband, works with my husband and my husband always came home telling me about the amazing work that Vance did for our community. I knew these two, were just amazing people all around, and I tell you what? Lauren has since donated breast milk to me so that I can continue to shoot births without worrying about my lack of milk when I pump. I mean seriously, does it get better than that?

It's amazing how you can help someone and that someone can help you in other ways. <3

These images, although I could write a story, speak so much words. Their birth, beautiful as Lauren labored mostly at home. When the Boyer's reached University Hospital, in Denver, Colorado to birth sweet Lillian, she was already 10 CM! How amazing, to labor and be strong at home to arrive and be ready to push. Lauren's delivery went fairly quickly as Lillian was making her debut in the elevator! Rushed into a bed and sweet Lillian arrived shortly after that, joining our world at 11:20 PM on May 31st at 8 lbs & 0.7 ounces and 19.5 inches long! <3

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Congratulations to the Boyer's on your sweet  and second little girl, Lillian. She's so precious.