F R E S H 48.

Have you ever heard the term "fresh 48?" I bet you're wondering, what the heck is that?

A fresh 48, is a special session for those families, welcoming a new addition. A fresh 48 is typically a lifestyle session that takes place within the first two days of baby's life without having the entire labor or birth documented. Fresh 48's allow you to rest a little bit after birth. These lifestyle sessions are perfect for remembering those first days forever. With a fresh 48 you're still able to capture the emotions of the birthing experience as well as capturing your little one's first yawns, those cute baby feet and fingers, the cute little baby features and first feeding. If you have older siblings coming to meet the little one for the first time, these are great to capture those beautiful moments as well. A fresh 48 is not your typical newborn session. There is minimal posing and no props. I will be capturing your baby's sweet moments in a fresh and natural way.

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Why a Fresh 48 Session?

Hour to hour, day to day, our little ones are changing so fast. You'll want to capture those first milestones that you're new one is going through, whether it's a herbal bath, breastfeeding or meeting their siblings, grandparents, or other family for the first time. All of these memories, we as mothers tend to forget about in the mist of our "babymoon"! I know that I do not remember much from the time my son was born and the photos that our photographer caught help me to remember my son's first day. These are photos that will be treasured forever. These are memories that you can showcase whether it be on social media or in wall art or in photo albums. These are priceless memories that you will not be able to get back!

What is Included in a Fresh 48 Session?

    The Fresh 48 Session takes place when you call, during business hours. I like to give mom and dad enough time to relax after birth and try my best to arrange to come in when siblings come in for the first time.

    It can take place at the hospital, birth center or at home and will last approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on your package.

    Lifestyle photography similar in style to my birth photography – unposed, natural and organic and focus on telling the story of you and your family's first days. I capture all of baby's new features as well as your bond with your new little one.

    Includes a minimum of 30 digital images with print release.  

    How is a Fresh 48 Session different from newborn photography?

    My fresh 48 newborn sessions capture your fresh baby in their true self and all of the emotions that you and family feel. Those emotions will be so evident in the photos. My lifestyle newborn sessions take place shortly after birth but rarely within the first 48 hours and they always take place in the comfort of your own home. Your fresh 48 session will happen right after birth when those emotions are still high and everything is brand new to everyone. I do not bring swaddles or headbands and we do not pose baby in any way.