Why Hire a Maternity Photographer? | Denver Maternity Photographer.

I recall, when I was pregnant with my baby boy. Tristan was my rainbow baby. We had a previous miscarriage and we were blessed with him, in our lives. I did a big gender reveal, with our friend but we failed, when it came to capturing the beauty of the pregnancy, we failed to hire a professional photographer. 
I look everyday, at the beautiful dresses, the beautiful bumps and I look at how I capture the bond between the soon to be parents and think to myself, why didn't we hire a professional? 
Of course we have selfies, iPhone photos, etc but we don't have A N Y photos of my bump that are hanging up in the house and in our photo albums. 

With this being said, I want to emphasize the importance of getting your bump and capturing your pregnancy. 


I hear all the time, moms saying that they just don't feel "beautiful" or they feel "huge" and "nothing is going to fit"... Stop that! You ARE beautiful. You are carrying a little human if not two. Your body is growing this little baby.  


It does not matter if this is your FIRST baby or your THIRD baby. No one pregnancy is going to be the same. There might be slight resemblances but this is the only pregnancy that you will have with THIS child. 


Maternity sessions are to showcase your G L O W and your BEAUTY. Take the day prior to your session and get you a nice massage, a mani/pedi, get your hair done, have a professional do your make up. Make this more than just "another session" but about you! 


Many times, I look back on my pregnancy and don't remember much about it. These photos are what you will cherish. You will cherish what your bump looked like. You will cherish how your pregnancy made you feel. These are photos that you cannot get back, if you miss the opportunity. The bond that you as a mother share with your unborn child, is so beautiful. You get to feel all the flutters, all the kicks, all the sweet in between moments. Embrace that.