Black Friday Sale!!

This time of year, I always look back at the past year & then start to think ahead of 2018 & create some short term goals & long term goals. I always tend to start thinking about my year, the clients that came back and the clients that are new. These clients, that I am thankful for. Thankful to be able to work from home and stay home with my little one. Thankful for the patience, the opportunity to document their family, to have clients become more than clients but friends. <3

With that being said, I love to give back during these time, with some incredible deals that won't last long and before pricing gets raised in 2018. 

So, here we go: 

All portrait packages are BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE !!! 
These are your typical children, sibling, family sessions.
These are also discounted by 50%.

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All fresh 48's, Maternity & Newborn packages are up to 75% off !!


Birth Stories are $400.00 off !!! 
This is the only package that is available for payment plans.

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Look at all of those goodies! <3

However that's not all, for every person who books a session this BLACK FRIDAY, you'll be entered into a FOUR seasons giveaway drawing!! This means you & your sweet family, would have the chance to win a session for every season of 2018!!! 

I will also be doing random giveaways during the weekend in our Facebook group. If you're not a member, come join us! <3

So, if you're interested, have more questions or want to chat about how to get you all set up, you can contact me, using the contact button up above! We can chat & get something in the books for 2018! 

PS - This is the last chance to book before pricing goes up for 2018! All Black Friday promotions are good until 1 December 2017! 

Intimate In Home Maternity Session | Parker, Colorado Maternity Photographer

Maternity sessions are my absolute favorite. 
My favorite part about maternity clients is the glow these mamas have. 
My favorite part about documenting these sessions is being able to show my moms how beautiful they really are. 

Typically, you hear that moms are feeling discouraged because they're swollen, they're feeling like nothing fits, etc. 

This sweet mama right here, is the definition of a mama just so jaw dropping gorgeous. You do not have to wear the fanciest of fanciest clothes. A simplistic black maternity dress or a beautiful cardigan with leggings. This mama, from the moment I walked into her home, was radiant and just beautiful. She glowed, and the love she has for her newest baby girl, in her womb, you could see. She wore this beautiful smile, from start to end of her session. She rubbed her sweet belly, as she thought about her newest addition being welcomed into the world shortly. 

Thank you Jaclyn for welcoming me into your beautiful Parker home for our maternity session. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to document your beautiful pregnancy glow and your sweet pregnancy journey. <3

Fun In The Mountains, With The Yeargins | Denver, Colorado Family Photographer

This morning, I am so excited to share this sweet story on the blog. 

I am not sure when Christine, joined my VIP group, but she was there. I was looking for a family that would come out and explore with me. I wanted a family that I know would dress how I wanted. I sent Christine my pinterest board of styling recommendations, after going through her beautiful wedding/other family portraits, I knew that they would be perfect! 

The day of our session, the sun just didn't want to work with us. It would rain, then stop, then rain & stop. We decided that we would kind of just go with the f l o w and hope that the sun would grace us with it's presence. Shortly after it was raining for about half of our session, the sun decided to peak out and grace us with a beautiful sunset. 

This sweet family, so much fun, just went with the flow, through the cold weather. Just laughed, cuddled and joked around, throughout our whole session. When we finished, I was feeling discouraged about the weather not being cooperative and thought that I would not be in love with this session. Little did I know, that once edited, this would become my absolute favorite session. 

Nathan, Christine's husband met my husband and instantly clicked, as I clicked with Christine. These two, Christine and Nathan, have such a fun personality yet a caring and kind heart. Little Noah, has the best manners, so sweet, brought me flowers to the session and little Kingsley, oh this girl, has bright blue eyes that would melt your heart instantly, with the most precious smile. 

Doing this model call, for this sweet family didn't bring me in new clients, it brought me new friends & we are forever grateful for the Yeargin family! They have so much love for one another and they are just a beautiful family both inside & out.